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Article << Previous     |     Next >>   Contents Vol 50(8)

Particulate organic matter in soil under different management systems in the Brazilian Cerrado

Arcângelo Loss A D 1, Marcos Gervasio Pereira B, Adriano Perin C, Fernando Silva Coutinho B and Lúcia Helena Cunha dos Anjos B

A Department of Rural Engineering, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC), Florianópolis, SC 88034-000, Brazil.
B Department of Soils, UFRRJ, Seropédica, RJ 23890-000, Brazil.
C Instituto Federal Goiano, Rio Verde, GO 75901-970, Brazil.
D Corresponding author. Email: arcangeloloss@yahoo.com.br

Soil Research 50(8) 685-693 http://dx.doi.org/10.1071/SR12196
Submitted: 18 July 2012  Accepted: 22 December 2012   Published: 5 February 2013

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The combination of the no-till planting system (NTS) and pasture (e.g. brachiaria grass, Urochloa sp.) for livestock production constitutes a crop–livestock integration (CLI) system. CLI systems significantly increase the total organic carbon (TOC) content of soil and the particulate organic carbon (POC) of soil organic matter (SOM). The present study evaluated TOC and the granulometric fractions of SOM under different management systems in a Cerrado area in the state of Goiás. Two areas applying crop rotation were evaluated, one using CLI (corn/brachiaria grass/bean/cotton/soybean planted sequentially) and the other NTS (sunflower/pearl millet/soybean/corn planted sequentially). A third area covered with natural Cerrado vegetation (Cerradão) served as a reference to determine original soil conditions. Soil was randomly sampled at 0–5, 5–10, 10–20, and 20–40 cm. The TOC, POC, and mineral-associated organic carbon (MOC) were assessed, and POC and MOC stocks calculated. The CLI system resulted in greater TOC levels than NTS (0–5, 5–10, and 10–20 cm). Compared with the Cerradão, CLI areas exhibited higher stocks of TOC (at 5–10 and 10–20 cm) and POC (at 0–40 cm). Results obtained for TOC and POC fractions show that land management with CLI was more efficient in increasing SOM than NTS. Moreover, when compared with NTS, the CLI system provided better POC stratification.

Additional keywords: carbon stocks, crop–livestock integration, no-tillage system, particulate carbon.


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