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A case study in strategic change: Developing a strategic research program to address cardiovascular disease and related disorders in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Pat Field and John Wakerman

Australian Health Review 25(4) 127 - 131
Published: 2002


This paper presents an analysis of a strategic change process. It identifies and reviews the critical factors that impact on,and need to be considered in order to successfully initiate and implement change. The problem was the narrow focus and priorities of a well-established research program. We undertook a stringent process to refocus the program to the areas of greatest need. The paper provides information on the process undertaken to achieve the change and other factors that impacted. The outcome has been considered successful in the first instance. However the long-term picture may not be as positive. Reviewing and presenting the process and influential factors provides the reader with the opportunity to compare this scenario with their own experience and thereby develop their own change strategies.

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