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Stakeholders' perspectives on health workforce policy reform

Valerie A Hepburn and Judith Healy

Australian Health Review 31(3) 385 - 392
Published: 2007


We administered an electronic survey in October? November 2006 to gauge stakeholder perspectives on Australia?s recently adopted health workforce policies. Nearly all of the 41 survey respondents (65% response rate) ranked workforce as very important to overall health policy. Respondents identified decreasing health disparities and rates of disease and mortality as top goals, and identified improved quality and safety and more professionals in rural areas as priority measures for success. Lack of coordination between the governments and insufficient long-range planning were seen as threats to the success of the new workforce initiatives. The survey results suggest the need for clear goals and measurable outcomes. Although they represented different organisations and perspectives, the health workforce policy opinion leaders that participated in this survey reflected remarkable commonality in goals, measures, alternatives, and potential threats.

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