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Drug treatment clients' readiness for hepatitis C treatment: implications for expanding treatment services in drug and alcohol settings

Carla Treloar and Martin Holt

Australian Health Review 32(3) 570 - 576
Published: 2008


This study explores the perception of and readiness for hepatitis C treatment within a sample of 77 clients already participating in drug treatment, with a view to identifying likely barriers and incentives to hepatitis C treatment within a drug treatment population. Participants with hepatitis C did not demonstrate a consistent, indepth knowledge of the infection, lacked confidence in symptom recognition, and had little awareness of treatment options. Those without obvious symptoms or liver deterioration did not have a pressing interest in treatment, and many had heard concerning stories about the side effects of hepatitis C treatment. For those coping with anxiety or depression, the increased risk of a depressive episode under interferon treatment was a major barrier to treatment.

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