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Does the Professional Attitude of Physicians Always Influence their Professional Behavior? A Survey in Tertiary Hospitals in N City, China

Xuan Wang , Xin Du , Chenxi Liu , Xinping Zhang


Objective. Understanding of the effect of professional attitude on professional behavior is conducive to the development of targeted measures to promote professionalism. This research aimed to explore the influence of professional attitude on professional behavior. Methods. This study used a self-reported questionnaire and investigated 212 physicians using quota sampling in six tertiary hospitals in N City. The influence of professional attitude on professional behavior was analyzed through logistic regression. Results. The support for providing necessary care regardless of patients’ ability to pay, working on quality improvement initiatives, informing medical errors to patients, and reporting incompetent colleagues significantly positively influences corresponding behavior (OR = 11.06, 95% CI: 3.78, 32.40; OR = 9.42, 95% CI: 1.93, 46.01; OR = 4.04, 95% CI: 1.29, 12.63; OR = 5.51, 95% CI: 1.26, 24.08). However, the attitude toward minimizing disparities in care, undergoing periodic recertification examinations, and reporting medical errors does not statistically and significantly influence corresponding behavior. Conclusions. Professional attitude influences professional behavior, but such an influence varies with different professional norms. This finding implies that improving the professional attitude is useful but insufficient to promote medical professionalism. A management system conducive to the conversion of professional attitude to professional behavior should be established.

AH16190  Accepted 06 June 2017

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