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Population density of eastern grey kangaroos (Macropus giganteus) in a peri-urban matrix at Coffs Harbour, New South Wales.

Timothy Henderson , Rajanathan Rajaratnam , Karl Vernes


We surveyed eastern grey kangaroos at four locations at the Northern Beaches region of Coffs Harbour, New South Wales to estimate densities in this growing peri-urban region. This region is considered a regional hotspot for human-kangaroo conflict, with numerous kangaroo-related incidents in recent years. Direct counts of kangaroos were undertaken every two months during 2016. Kangaroo densities varied between sites, ranging from 0.2 individuals per hectare to 4.9 individuals per hectare. Because no estimates of population density exist for the Northern Beaches, our results assisted the development of a regional kangaroo management plan, and contributes to a broader understanding of eastern grey kangaroo densities in peri-urban areas.

AM17010  Accepted 22 September 2017

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