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A world without in-feed antibiotics, the scientific process For alternatives

Mamduh Sifri


To have a world without an in-feed antibiotic, it requires using the scientific process to assure that an alternative is efficacious and supports the desired economic performance. A successful alternative might not be one product that addresses one aspect of what the antibiotic does. Consequently, it might require a multitude of products to address multi functions or one product that can replace many of the effects that an antibody can exert. Regardless of what measurements are used, it is critical that animal performance is always measured to assure that an economic assessment is made and validated. This long scientific process hwas culminated in the development of a commercial product known as CitriStim®. The literature has numerous scientific examples for the use of alternatives as shown in the list of references.

AN15372  Accepted 19 January 2016

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