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Consumers want pork with ‘adjectives’

Darryl D'Souza , Damien Cleary , Robert Hewitt


Pork is the most consumed meat globally, but its consumption varies widely across the major pork consuming nations. Consumers consider a wide variety of intrinsic and extrinsic cues, and credence attributes when making purchasing and consumption decisions for food products. Brand recognition has been an important extrinsic cue for consumers, especially in the case of pork product quality. However, the branding of fresh pork products in Australia has not been very prominent, due to the dominance of retailer ‘home brand’ labels. Increasingly however, these retailer labels are using information and branding relating to adjectives (credence attributes) such as animal welfare, production systems, environment etc. The role of these credence attributes in Australia, are now very much regarded by consumers as surrogate indicators of pork quality. This paper will look at consumer preferences and attitudes to pork and the role credence attributes play when consumers purchase pork. In addition, this paper looks at the role of retailers in delivering pork with adjectives.

AN17362  Accepted 01 August 2017

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