Animals: Mammals & Marsupials

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An illustration of a yellow-footed rock-wallaby (Petrogale xanthopus)

A Fragile Balance

Christopher Dickman, Rosmary Woodford Ganf
Hardback - May 2016 - AU $59.95
cover of Sugar and Sand

Sugar and Sand

Ron Wooller, Sue Wooller
Paperback - January 2013 - AU $22.00
The cover image of Kangaroos, features two red and beige kangaroos that lo


Terence J Dawson
Paperback - April 2012 - AU $39.95
cover of Thylacine


David Owen
Paperback - September 2011 - AU $24.99
cover of Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devil

David Owen, David Pemberton
Paperback - July 2011 - AU $24.99
The cover image of Dingo, featuring two dingos standing in long dry grass,


Brad Purcell
Paperback - September 2010 - AU $39.95
The cover image of Great Whales, featuring a large whale mid jump, with it

Great Whales

John Bannister
Paperback - June 2008 - AU $34.95
Cover featuring a portrait of a mandrill, with its hand over its mouth and

Zoo Ethics

Jenny Gray
Paperback - July 2017 - AU $49.95
Image of sample $50 gift voucher, featuring blue and black text on a white

Gift Vouchers

Voucher - AU $25.00
Voucher - AU $50.00
Voucher - AU $100.00
Cover is a possum on a branch against a plain black background.

Austral Ark

Adam Stow, Norman Maclean, Gregory Holwell
Hardback - December 2014 - AU $69.95
The cover has four photographs of animals captured by camera trapping: a b

Camera Trapping

Paul Meek, Peter Fleming, Guy Ballard, Peter Banks, Andrew Claridge, Jim Sanderson, Don Swann
Paperback - November 2014 - AU $89.95
Cover image of The Explainer, featuring the tops of two male heads, at the

The Explainer

CSIRO Publishing
Paperback - October 2013 - AU $19.95
cover of Big Red Kangaroo

Big Red Kangaroo

Claire Saxby, Graham Byrne
Hardback - August 2013 - AU $27.95
cover of Bilby Secrets

Bilby Secrets

Edel Wignell, Mark Jackson
Hardback - July 2011 - AU $29.95
The cover image of Desert Channels, featuring a canoe on dried cracked ear

Desert Channels

Libby Robin, Chris Dickman, Mandy Martin
Paperback - September 2010 - AU $49.95