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Southern hemisphere botanical ecosystems

Using molecular methods to understand the Gondwanan affinities of the New Zealand biota: three case studies

Geoffrey K. Chambers, Wee Ming Boon, Thomas R. Buckley and Rodney A. Hitchmough

Australian Journal of Botany 49(3) 377 - 387
Published: 2001


The application of new molecular technologies is central to the search for causal mechanisms capable of explaining the modern-day biogeography of the southern continents. Projects have previously focused on marine mammals and birds, but in recent years they have begun to expand in scope. We now describe the results from three studies carried out recently on parakeets (genus Cyanoramphus), cicadas (genus Maoricicada) and geckos (genera Hoplodactylus and Naultinus) in the context of the Gondwanan affinities of the New Zealand biota. The work described here has been the subject of independent reports (see text for individual references) and their findings have been brought together for the first time here in a more general synthesis.

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