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Southern hemisphere botanical ecosystems

A new taxonomy for Monascus species based on cultural and microscopical characters

DL Hawksworth and JI Pitt

Australian Journal of Botany 31(1) 51 - 61
Published: 1983


The taxonomy of Monascus van Tieghem (Ascomycotina) is revised as a result of an investigation of cultural and microscopic characters of type and numerous other isolates. Three species are recognized: M. pilosus K. Sato ex D. Hawksw. & Pitt sp. nov.: M. purpureus Went; M. ruber van Tieghem. Keys to the species, comprehensive descriptions and lists of material studied are presented. These fungi are of special interest because of their use in the production of a range of oriental fermented foods.

© CSIRO 1983

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