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Interspecific Hybridization in Glycine Willd. Subgenus Glycine (Leguminosae)

JE Grant, JP Grace, AHD Brown and E Putievsky

Australian Journal of Botany 32(6) 655 - 663
Published: 1984


The meiotic configurations of 12 new hybrid combinations among eight perennial Glycine species were analysed. These data together with those of Putievsky and Broué and of Newell and Hymowitz showed close genomic relationships among the diploid species G. canescens, G. clandestina and G. Latrobeana and the euploid tetraploid G. tomentella. Distant from these species was a second evolutionary branch, which included the diploids G. latifolia and an undescribed species, G. 'reducta'. The diploid G. tomentella (2n = 38, 40) appeared to be intermediate between these two lines. Interspecies hybrids using either the diploid species G. falcata or the tetraploid G. tabacina have so far been achieved with members of the G. canescens-related group, from which both species are very distant.

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