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The Dynamics of Callitris columellaris/Eucalyptus albens Communities Along the Snowy River and Its Tributaries in South-Eastern Australia

KA Claytongreene and DH Ashton

Australian Journal of Botany 38(4) 403 - 432
Published: 1990


The vegetation in the rain shadow areas of the Snowy River region was studied. Five distinct woodland communities were recognised from a numerical classification, a community dominated by C. columellaris at lower altitudes on north and west aspects, three mixed C. columellaris/E. albens communities which are also aspect and altitude dependent, and a higher altitude, cool aspect, E. albens dominated community.

Although C. columellaris and E. albens occupy separate niches, they compete strongly. Contrasting dispersal and germination behaviour between the two species may explain the current distribution and structure of these woodlands.

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