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Effect of ground undulation and mounted vehicle velocity variation on stepped frequency continuous wave GPR data

Smitha Nage Gowda 1 2 Deverakonda R. Ullas Bharadwaj 1 Sridhara Abilash 1 Saligrama N. Sridhara 1 Vipula Singh 1
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1 Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Rama Nagappa Shetty Institute of Technology, Bangalore 560098, India.

2 Corresponding author. Email: smithanesara81@gmail.com

Exploration Geophysics 49(1) 81-88 https://doi.org/10.1071/EG16011
Submitted: 2 February 2016  Accepted: 27 October 2016   Published: 15 December 2016


This paper describes a method to generate dataset on stepped frequency continuous wave (SFCW) ground penetrating radar (GPR) for land mine detection. Probability of target detection as well as accuracy of GPR is hindered by ground undulations and GPR mounted vehicle velocity variation. This paper proposes a novel method of filtering out ground undulation effect by ground bounce removal filter and also mitigating GPR mounted vehicle velocity variations. This work also focuses on migration of simulated B-scan and C-scan data using Kirchhoff and F-K migration algorithms. The irregular surface condition of the ground or ground undulation is modelled and a ground bounce removal filter is developed to eliminate the effects of ground undulation. Non-uniform sampling of B-scan replicates the scenario of variation in velocity of the GPR mounted vehicle. The Kirchhoff and F-K migration algorithms applied to the outcome of ground bounce removal filter dataset results in no/less error with respect to true depth and position of the landmine in all possible scenarios. An interactive graphical user interface (GUI) for generating and testing the SFCW GPR data is also discussed in this paper.

Key words: B-scan, C-scan, GPR, ground bounce, migration, SFCW.


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