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Regulation of Movement of Assimilate Into Ovules of Pisum sativum Cv. Greenfeast: a 'remote' Effect of the Pod.

AM Williams and RR Williams

Australian Journal of Plant Physiology 5(3) 295 - 300
Published: 1978


14CO2 was fed to the single leaf of pea plants (P. sativum cv. Greenfeast) pruned to leave one leaf and one pod. Localized heating of the pod, removal of ovules and determination of 14C activity in soluble sugars and starch fractions were used to investigate the enhanced movement of 14C from the leaf into the ovules at higher pod temperatures. The low levels of 14C detected in the starch fractions indicate that conversion of soluble sugars to starch is not involved in the response to temperature. The response was similar with only localized heating of the pod and with the ovules removed; therefore, it must be independent of the ovules. It is proposed that the pod tissue produces a stimulus which has a 'remote' effect on export of assimilates from the leaf.

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