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cover of Legume Biology

Legume Biology

Rajeev K Varshney, Himabindu Kudapa
Paperback - February 2014 - AU $75.00
The cover image of GM Crops, featuring a large cob of yellow corn, surroun

GM Crops

Jennifer Thomson
Paperback - December 2006 - AU $44.95
cover of Making Lucerne Pay

Making Lucerne Pay

Kieran Ransom, Lindsay Trapnell, Tim Clune, Jeff Hirth, James Whale, Nicholas Bate, Riad Naji
Paperback - November 2006 - AU $30.00
Image of sample $50 gift voucher, featuring blue and black text on a white

Gift Vouchers

Voucher - AU $25.00
Voucher - AU $50.00
Voucher - AU $100.00
cover of Garlic


Penny Woodward
Paperback - October 2014 - AU $29.95
Cover image features blue, green and yellow illustrations of dung beetles

Dung Down Under

Bernard Doube, Tim Marshall
Paperback - January 2014 - AU $36.30
The cover image of Coming Famine, featuring a silver fork sticking out of

Coming Famine

Julian Cribb
Paperback - August 2010 - AU $17.95On sale until 30-Sep usually AU $29.95
The cover image of Native Grasses, featuring square images of grasses, clo

Native Grasses

Meredith Mitchell
Small Paperback - April 2002 - AU $24.95


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