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Ian Mackay Ritchie 1936–2014

Gregory P. Power, M. Ann Ritchie, Kitty J. Drok and Ian D. Macleod FTSE

Historical Records of Australian Science 28(1) 50 - 57
Published: 08 May 2017


Ian Ritchie AO, BA, MA, MEng, PhD, ScD, FTSE, FRACI, FAIMM; scientist, engineer, teacher and humanist, brought fresh understanding and relevance to the relationships between metals and fluids through his work on metal oxidation, electrochemistry and hydrometallurgy. Passionate about education, society and the environment, he constantly sought new ways to interest young people in science and its role in the future wellbeing of human society and the fragile Earth. He served the community with energy and dedication as a valued advisor to government, industry and academia. He contributed much to the establishment of air quality standards in Western Australia, and is credited with preventing the dismantling of the WA Government Chemical Laboratories and steering them to rebirth as the ChemCentre. He was the founding CEO of the AJ Parker CRC for Hydrometallurgy, which became the world's foremost centre for hydrometallurgical research under his inspirational leadership. Ian was a kind and humble man with huge talent who was always ready to share his wisdom. He was a passionate and prolific scientist, but his greatest joy came from his family—Ann, the love of his life, and his three wonderful children, Kathy, Andrew and Alex. Driven by a deep sense of fairness, he railed against injustice and stupidity wherever he saw it. All who knew him will miss his ready wit, awesome erudition and endless creativity, but the imprint of his contribution and influence will never fade. He was inducted to theWestern Australian Science Hall of Fame in 2016.


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