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Relationships and phylogenetic revision of Filistatinella spiders (Araneae: Filistatidae)

Ivan Magalhaes , Martin Ramirez


Filistatids represent an antique lineage of araneomorph spiders which are most diverse in arid and semi-arid regions of the globe. Phylogenetic relationships among its genera are still largely unexplored, and previous studies disagree in the position of the North American Filistatinella Gertsch & Ivie – which could either be the sister group of all other Prithinae, or deeply nested in the subfamily. We present a new phylogenetic hypothesis based on morphological data, which supports the position of Filistatinella at the base of Prithinae. We also argue that the Central Asian Pholcoides Roewer, hitherto considered incertae sedis in the subfamily, represents the putative sister group of Filistatinella. The latter genus is revised, and we describe its fine morphology in detail using optical and scanning electron miscroscopy. We redescribe the three previously known species, F. crassipalpis (Gertsch), F. domestica Desales-Lara, and F. palaciosi Jiménez & Palacios-Cardiel. Seven new species are named: F. kahloae sp. nov. and F. chilindrina sp. nov. from Mexico; F. pistrix sp. nov., F. tohono sp. nov., F. howdyall sp. nov. and F. hermosa sp. nov. from southwestern USA; and F. spatulata sp. nov. from the border between the two countries. The phylogenetic relationships among these ten species are assessed, revealing the monophyly of the genus.

IS16083  Accepted 27 March 2017

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