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Bird-like complex nesting behavior by the endemic reef fish Gramma brasiliensis

Jonas Leite , Pedro Pereira , Eduardo Sanches , Rodrigo Moura , Mauricio Hostim


Nesting is a common behavior associated to reproduction in several taxa. Nevertheless, this important parental care behavior is rarely reported for reef-associated fishes. The present study provides the first description of bird-like complex nesting behavior of the endangered Basslet Gramma brasiliensis. Males were observed building nests using macroalgae thalli around holes and depressions, in coralline substrate. Algae were used to camouflage nest entrance and to form a cushion bed for egg laying. Nesting is a critical aspect of the reproductive strategy of G. brasiliensis. This behaviour calls the attention for the ecological and management implications for the conservation of the species.

MF17091  Accepted 23 October 2017

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