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Assessing the hazards of trace metals in different land use types around a coastal wetland nature reserve in China

Lingqian Xu , Nasreen Jeelani , Shubo Fang , Shuqing An , Aixin Hou


An understanding of trace metal pollution due to reclamation activities around Yancheng National Nature Reserve is important for the utilization and management of the reserve and surrounding coastal and marine areas. In this study, we evaluated the current state of Cu, Cd, Pb, and Zn pollution (total concentration and ecological risk), their potential hazard (availability index and desorption rate), and soil properties (cation exchange capacity, iron and manganese oxide content, soil organic matter, salinity, and pH) in different land use types around this nature reserve. Although the current state of trace metal pollution was not severe, their potential hazards should not be ignored, especially for Cd due to its significantly higher availability index values in farmlands and aquacultural ponds than in natural habitats (by 33% and 32%, respectively). Thus, strict monitoring and environmentally responsible land reclamation management practices should be considered for these coastal areas.

MF17123  Accepted 20 September 2017

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