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Effect of Interfaces on Dielectric Relaxation in La0.35Sr0.6MnO3 -YSZ

Xia Zheng-Cai, Tang Chao-Qun, Zhou Dong-Xiang and Yang Jian-Hui

Australian Journal of Physics 53(5) 715 - 721
Published: 2000


The perovskite structure material La 0.35 Sr 0.6 MnO 3 was sintered in air and the mixed ceramic of a 0.35 Sr 0.6 MnO 3 and 8 mol % Y 2 O 3 +ZrO 2 with a 1:1 mass rate was also sintered in air, both at 1530 K for 12 hour. The AC complex impedance spectra have been measured and the effect of the interface between La 0.35 Sr 0.6 MnO 3 and YSZ on dielectric relaxation properties of La 0.35 Sr 0.6 MnO 3 has been investigated. A schematic of diffusion phase formation and the equivalent circuits are proposed for explaining the results. In the complex impedance spectra, the first and second semicircles correspond to the grain-boundary and interface respectively. The results show that the dielectric relaxation properties and structure of the mixed ceramic are different to that of single phase La 0.35 Sr 0.6 MnO 3 . The interface has an important effect on the electric properties of the mixed ceramic and produces a dielectric relaxation in low frequency.

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