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Inelastic Scattering of Deuterons from 56Fe

AR Majumder and HM Sen Gupta

Australian Journal of Physics 21(2) 235 - 238
Published: 1968


Inelastic scattering has been found to be an extremely useful tool in studying the collective states in nuclei. Following the early work of Cohen and Rubin (1958) there has been tremendous interest in the investigation of vibrational states, particularly in the first 2+ and "anomalous" 3- states, in even-even nuclei and in their possible interplay with the well-defined single-particle levels in stripping and pickup reactions and even in (p, n) reactions (Guglet 1960). These states in 56Fe have recently been studied mostly through the inelastic scattering of a-particles (McDaniels et al. 1960) and protons (Matsuda 1962; Aspinall, Brown, and Warren 1963; Brown, Warren, and Middleton 1966). Except for a few measurements on some of these states (Jahr et al. 1961; Gofman and Nemets 1962) no systematic information is vailable on the inelastic scattering of deuterons from 56Fe. The present work was undertaken with this in view, and in this communication we report on the properties of a few levels of 56Fe, including the 2+ state at O· 844 MeV and the 3- state at 4·503 MeV, deduced from the inelastic scattering of 12 MeV deuterons

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