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cover of Plants of the World

Plants of the World

Maarten Christenhusz, Michael Fay, Mark Chase
Hardback - May 2018 - AU $130.00
A lush, native bush scene with a variety of flora. Light grey title and su

Woodland Flora

Sarah Sharp, Rainer Rehwinkel, Dave Mallinson, David Eddy
Paperback - December 2015 - AU $25.00
Cover of Functional Plant Biology.

Plant Phenotyping

Malcolm Hawkesford, Argelia Lorence
Paperback - February 2017 - AU $75.00
Cover of Perth Plants featuring an image of a sand-dune fringed lily on a

Perth Plants

Russell Barrett, Eng Pin Tay
Paperback - April 2016 - AU $49.95
Image of sample $100 gift voucher, featuring blue and black text on a whit

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Voucher - AU $25.00
Voucher - AU $50.00
Voucher - AU $100.00
The cover image of Forest Trees of Australia, featuring tall trees and dif

Forest Trees of Australia

DJ Boland, MIH Brooker, GM Chippendale, N Hall, BPM Hyland, RD Johnston, DA Kleinig, MW McDonald, JD Turner
Hardback - December 2006 - AU $150.00
The cover image of Flora of Australia Volume 43, featuring plant sections

Flora of Australia Volume 43

Australian Biological Resources Study
Hardback - August 2002 - AU $115.00
Paperback - August 2002 - AU $99.95
The cover image of Native Grasses, featuring square images of grasses, clo

Native Grasses

Meredith Mitchell
Small Paperback - April 2002 - AU $24.95
The cover image of Fungi of Australia Volume 1A, featuring mushrooms in mo

Fungi of Australia Volume 1A

Australian Biological Resources Study
Paperback - January 1996 - AU $69.95
Hardback - January 1996 - AU $84.95


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