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Intracytoplasmic sperm injection--clinical results from the reproductive medicine unit, Adelaide

D Payne and CD Matthews

Reproduction, Fertility and Development 7(2) 219 - 227
Published: 1995


The clinical results of 391 cycles of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) performed between June 1993 and July 1994 are presented in this report. A total of 4797 oocytes were collected, of which 3792 were injected. Of these, 2603 (69%) fertilized, with normal and three pronuclear fertilization rates of 65% and 4% respectively. About 6% of the oocytes were destroyed while denuding and during ICSI. There were 373 (95%) embryo transfers from which 119 pregnancies arose, giving pregnancy rates of 32% per transfer and 30% per cycle, and an implantation rate of 15% per embryo. Of the pregnancies, 98 (82%) were ongoing. Supernumerary embryos were frozen in 44% of the cycles and 61 subsequent transfers of 130 frozen-thawed embryos produced 11 pregnancies (18%). Only 47 (12%) patients had less than 50% of their oocytes fertilized (mean 31%) after ICSI, and of these, 8 had no fertilization of 13 eggs. Nevertheless, 37 of these 47 patients had an embryo transfer and 9 achieved a pregnancy with an implantation rate of 14% per embryo. The percent normal sperm morphology weakly correlated with percent fertilization (r2 = 0.027, P < 0.02) but not with the implantation rate (r2 = 0.003, P > 0.05). Fifty-nine patients with only occasional motile sperm in the ejaculate and 23 patients in whom epididymal sperm were aspirated were treated. The fertilization rates (66% and 70% respectively) and pregnancy rates per transfer (32% and 24% respectively) were comparable in these two subgroups. The overall ICSI results were also compared with 515 cycles of routine in vitro fertilization (IVF) which were performed at the same time.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

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