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A developmental tale - metabolism takes centre stage

Roger Sturmey , Rebecca Krisher


The study of metabolism has undergone a major renaissance in recent years, and it is now “re”-accepted that metabolism pervades every aspect of homeostasis and physiology, from the subcellular level to the whole body (Debaradinis and Thompson 2012). Great leaps are being made in our understanding that metabolism does much more than provide energy and biosynthetic precursors, and is not just a map of pathways resembling a “map of the London Underground” relegated to undergraduate Biochemistry text books. Indeed, recent high profile discoveries (Radford et al 2014, Kaelin and McKnight 2013) support the notion that metabolism is the driver of cellular development and differentiation, rather than the passenger. It now seems likely that metabolism has a major influence on genome remodeling, with the possibility of regulating change in gene expression and ultimately phenotype.

RD15079  Accepted 03 March 2015

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