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Consumption of dingo baits by non-target fauna from the pastoral areas of Western Australia.

A Eastman and MC Calver

The Australian Rangeland Journal 10(2) 106 - 108
Published: 1988


Consumption of wild dog baits made from beef crackle by the native mammal species Pseudomys hermanmbwgensis, P. delicatulus and Zyzomys argurus, (Rodentia), and Dasyurus hallucatus, Ningaui timealeyi, Planigale maculata and Sminthopsis macroura (Dasyuridae) was determined in the laboratory. Dasyurus.hal1ucatus and all three rodents were also exposed to baits made from meat. In the presence of alternative food only P. hermannsburgensis and D. hallucatus ate non-toxic wild dog baits. Their projected dose rates if the baits had been poisoned ranged from 25 mgkg to 40 mgkg (P. hermannsburgenris) and 0.32 mgkg to 9.70 mgkg (D. hallucatus). Non-toxic meat bait was also eaten by D. hallucatus and the projected dose rates ranged from 0.18 mgkg to 1.25 mgkg. All the rodents ate toxic meat bait in the presence of alternative food, but showed no symptoms of poisoning.

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