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Schoenus rupicola: a narrowly endemic species distinguished from S. melanostachys (Cyperaceae, Schoeneae) in eastern Australia

Paul Musili , Jeremy Bruhl , Karen Wilson


Widespread, common species are of limited value for regional biogeographic studies and of least concern for conservation and land management. In contrast, narrow endemics may be informative for such studies and are usually of high conservation priority. A new species is separated from the widespread species Schoenus melanostachys based on phenetic analysis of morphological data, and integrating evidence from culm anatomy and epidermal ultrastructure and corroborated by ecological differentiation. Schoenus rupicola Musili & J.J.Bruhl is found on skeletal acid volcanic sites of south-eastern Queensland and north-eastern New South Wales, adding yet another narrow endemic to the suite of species that characterises the McPherson Range and associated igneous outcrops.

SB17046  Accepted 20 February 2018

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