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ASRIS: the database

R. M. Johnston, S. J. Barry, E. Bleys, E. N. Bui, C. J. Moran, D. A. P. Simon, P. Carlile, N. J. McKenzie, B. L. Henderson, G. Chapman, M. Imhoff, D. Maschmedt, D.  Howe, C. Grose, N. Schoknecht, B. Powell and M. Grundy

Australian Journal of Soil Research 41(6) 1021 - 1036
Published: 17 October 2003


The Australian Soil Resources Information System (ASRIS) database compiles the best publicly available information available across Commonwealth, State, and Territory agencies into a national database of soil profile data, digital soil and land resources maps, and climate, terrain, and lithology datasets. These datasets are described in detail in this paper. Most datasets are thematic grids that cover the intensively used agricultural zones in Australia.

Keywords: Australia, integrated database, natural resources management, national soil database.

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