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Comment on paper; Linking Land Use Capability classes and APSIM to estimate pasture growth for regional planning. Soil Research 54, 94─110, Vogeler Iris, Cichota Rogerio, Beautrais Josef.

Ian Lynn


Data errors and misguided interpretations of the Land Use Capability (LUC) system have resulted in the unwarranted conclusion that LUC classes can be used to derive estimates of average annual pasture yields. These misconceptions centre on the fact that the LUC Class assessment focusses on soil versatility, not the capacity to sustain pasture growth (the core assumption of the authors), and the essential assumption of the paper that “all LUC units comprising a given class and subclass can be considered as having the same basic physical properties”. This is not the case, as is highlighted in the following discussion, as are specific errors and inconsistencies with the data used and the LUC Class definitions. It is strongly recommended that LUC Class should not be used as a proxy for spatial predictions of seasonal pasture growth, and that care needs to be taken when combining data from multiple sources to ensure it is being used within its specified limits.

SR17166  Accepted 30 August 2017

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