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The Influence of Incident Management Teams on the Deployment of Wildfire Suppression Resources

Michael Hand , Hari Katuwal , David Calkin , Matt Thompson


Despite large commitments of personnel and equipment to wildfire suppression, relatively little is known about the factors that affect how many resources are ordered and assigned to wildfire incidents and the variation in resource across incident management teams (IMT). Using detailed data on suppression resource assignments for wildfire incidents involving Type 1 or Type 2 IMTs, this paper examines daily suppression resource use and estimates the variation in resource use between IMTs. Results suggest that after controlling for fire and landscape characteristics, and for higher average resource use on fires in California, differences between IMTs account for about 14% of variation in resource use. Of the 89 IMTs that managed fires from 2007-2011, 17 teams exhibited daily resource capacity that was significantly higher than resource use for the median team.

WF16126  Accepted 24 February 2017

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