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A framework for monitoring maternal and infant health status

Hai Phung, Lis Young and David Greenfield

Australian Health Review 24(1) 105 - 115
Published: 2001


The Mother and Infant Network (MINET) Program was established in South Western Sydney Area Health Service(SWSAHS) in 1997. MINET developed and implemented an integrated clinical data network as a key strategy tosupport and inform a Continuum of Care comprising hospital and community based services. There are good datasources within the MINET program. Its scope spans care for mothers and children, which begins with the firstantenatal attendance and ends at school entry.This paper has three interrelated aims: to describe the development of the MINET program; to demonstrate thebenefits of a sustainable Information Culture which can assist an Area Health Services in adopting a health outcomesbased approach to service delivery; and to describe how MINET has the capacity to support Health Services Research.

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