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Dietitians in New South Wales: workforce trends 1984-2000

Roslyn Meyer, Rachelle Gilroy and Peter Williams

Australian Health Review 25(3) 122 - 130
Published: 2002


Complete surveys of the dietetic workforce in NSW were conducted in 1984 and 1991 and have now been updated with a new survey in 2000. In the nine years since 1991, the total active workforce grew by 48%. Although there were significant improvements in the ratios of hospital dietitians per 100 acute beds (from 0.88 to1.08) and dietitians per million population (from 69.7 to 96.5), the supply of dietitians does not yet reach recommended levels, especially in rural areas. Other trends were significant increases in the proportion of dietitians employed outside hospitals (to 38% in 2000) and in non-clinical work (50% in 2000), and declines in the number of technical support staff for dietitians.

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