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The Australian National Sub-Acuteand Non-Acute Patient casemix classification

Kathy Eagar

Australian Health Review 22(3) 180 - 196
Published: 1999


The Australian National Sub-Acute and Non-Acute Patient (AN-SNAP) Version 1 casemix classification was completed in 1997. AN-SNAP is designed for the classification of sub-acute and non-acute care provided in both inpatient and ambulatory settings and is intended to be useful for both funding and clinical management purposes. The National Sub-Acute and Non-Acute Casemix Classification study has produced the first version of a national classification of sub-acute and non-acute care. Ongoing refinement (leading to Version 2)will be possible through further analysis of the existing data set in combination with analysis of the results of a carefully planned and phased implementation.

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