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Referee Guidelines

When you are ready to complete your review please use the Online Peer Review system.

Points for consideration:

  1. Do you expect the results to have a high impact in this field?
  2. Do the data obtained verify the hypotheses and conclusions?
  3. Is the work experimentally and/or theoretically sound?
  4. Is the work sufficiently complete for publication? If not, what further work would you recommend be carried out before the work is published?
  5. Is the title appropriate?
  6. How could the presentation be improved?
  7. Is the English expression sufficient that the author´s reasoning can be clearly followed?
  8. Is the format consistent with that outlined in the Instructions to Authors?
  9. Are all figures and tables necessary or would they be more suitable for lodgement as accessory material?
  10. Is the number and selection of references appropriate?
  11. Have ethical practices been followed where applicable?

An index of reviewers consulted during the previous year is published in the journal.