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CRC breeding program design, measurements and database: methods that underpin CRC research results

W. Upton, H. M. Burrow, A. Dundon, D. L. Robinson and E. B. Farrell

Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 41(7) 943 - 952
Published: 15 October 2001


The Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for the Cattle and Beef Industry (Meat Quality) developed an integrated research program to address the major production and processing factors affecting beef quality. Underpinning the integrated program were 2 large-scale progeny testing programs that were used to develop genetic, nutritional, management and beef processing technologies to overcome deficiencies in beef quality. This paper describes the experimental design, generation of experimental cattle and the collection and storage of data derived from these straightbreeding and crossbreeding progeny testing programs.

Keywords: data storage, experimental design, measurement protocols.

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