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Effects of defaunation of the rumen and supplementation with amino acids on the wool production of housed Saxon Merinos. 1. Lupins and extruded lupins

DJ Cottle

Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 28(2) 173 - 178
Published: 1988


Six groups, each comprising 10 superfine Merino wethers ('Sharlea'), were individually penned indoors and hand-fed oats and wheat straw, either alone or with 10% (w/w) crushed lupins or extruded lupins. The rations were fed at maintenance level and were offered 3 times a week. Half of the sheep were defaunated by drenching with Alkanate 3SL3. Wool growth rates and wool quality were measured during a 5-month trial period. Defaunation resulted in a 6.5% increase in clean wool production, with a 3% higher sulfur content. The quality of the wool grown was unaffected by defaunation. Inclusion of lupins or extruded lupins in the ration resulted in a 10% increase in clean wool growth. Wool quality was largely unaffected, though a lower resistance to compression was apparent. It was concluded that a reasonable diet for 'Sharlea' production was 500g oats, 50g wheat straw, 50g lupins, 10.5g vitamin, mineral mix per sheep per day. This diet may be further improved by additional ingredients and defaunation of the sheep.

© CSIRO 1988

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