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Fast resolution of identification problems in seed production and plant breeding using molecular markers

DME Poulsen, HL Ko, JGvan der Meer, PMvan de Putte, RJ Henry, der Meer JG Van and de Putte PM Van

Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 36(5) 571 - 576
Published: 1996


Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis with specific and arbitrary primers was used to identify germplasm from a barley breeding program. Through practical application of the technology, an F1 plant's identity was confirmed, the correct pedigrees 'of 2 incorrectly labelled F2 populations were determined, confusion in the identity of seed lots of an advanced breeding line was resolved and off-type barley plants were identified in a seed increase block. This illustrated the value of PCR-based genotype analysis in plant breeding programs.

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