Plants for Medicines

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Includes details of alkaloid and anti-tumour screening of nearly 2000 species, and more.

This book gives details of alkaloid and anti-tumour screening by the CSIRO of nearly 2000 species, the pharmacological testing of the alkaloids of selected species, and the chemical fractionation of those species which had reproducible tumour-inhibiting properties. + Full description

The book includes 64 colour plates and over 400 line illustrations of chemical structures.

- Short description


No longer available in a print edition.


ePDF | January 1990
ISBN: 9780643101203
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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1. The Phytochemical Survey and the CSIRO Screening Programme
Origin and Scope
Alkaloid Investigations
Anti-tumour Investigations
Poisonous Plants
2. Alkaloid and Anti-tumour Screening Results
Alkaloid Screening Methods
Plant Names
Pharmacological Testing and Anti-tumour Screening
Alkaloid Testing and Anti-tumour Screening Results
3. Pharmacology of Alkaloids
Test Procedures
Species Tested
4. Anti-tumour Constituents
Fractionation of Active Plants
Testing of Pure Compounds
5. Colour Plates
6. Bibliography of Australian Phytochemistry, 1940–1987
7. Additional References
8. Indexes
8.1 Plant Genera with Family Correspondence
8.2 Plant Families
8.3 Authors
8.4 Chemical Structures