Electromagnetic Induction Techniques - Part 8

eBook - August 1998 - eRetailers

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Provides a summary of Electromagnetic induction (EM) techniques that are most widely used.

Electromagnetic induction (EM) techniques are used in recharge/discharge studies by providing measurements of the apparent electrical conductivity of soil profiles. This booklet provides a summary of EM techniques that are most widely used. A number of case studies are presented which demonstrate the applications of the techniques to field problems.


No longer available in a print edition.


ePDF | August 1998
ISBN: 9780643105409
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • The Electrical Conductivity of a Soil
  • Electromagnetic Methods
  • Inversion Methods
  • Application of EM Techniques to Recharge and Discharge Studies
  • Other Sources of Variability in EM Measurements
  • EM Sampling Strategies for Recharge Studies
  • Conclusion
  • References