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Covers everything a person needs to think about before venturing into the ecotourism market.

Tourism, with its niche element of ecotourism, is one of Australia’s fastest growing industries, overtaking the traditional export items of coal, wheat and wool in export earnings. + Full description

This book covers everything a person needs to think about before venturing into the ecotourism market. It explains what ecotourism is and who the ecotourists are. It describes how to work with the local community and the local environment, highlighting some of the constraints and pitfalls. It explains what is needed to make a successful venture work - and how to make it pay.

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No longer available in a print edition.


". . .the book acts as a crucible of ideas which people in rural communities can enact if they wish to foster ecotourism as an alternative form of development from rural activities. This book then fills a clearly identified gap in the market and as such it will be extremely useful not only to rural communities but also to students and general readers interested in the links between ecotourism and rural areas."
Ross K. Dowling, School of Marketing, Tourism & Leisure Edith Cowan University, Australia
(Journal of Sustainable Tourism Vol. 8, no. 1, 2000)


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ISBN: 9780643100909
Publisher: Landlinks Press
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1. What is Ecotourism?
2. What is an Ecotourist?
3. Working with the Local Community
4. Working in the Environment
5. Working with the Environment
6. Making it Work
7. Making it Pay
References and Further Reading
Appendix 1 - Codes of Practice and Tips for Operators
Appendix 2 - Simple Business Plan for "Ecotours Pty Ltd"
Appendix 3 - Contacts