Zoological Catalogue of Australia Volume 29.6

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Hardback - January 1998 - AU $94.95

The third volume dealing with the Australian beetle fauna.

The recognised Australian fauna, with 129 genera and 1105 species, represents 12% and 5% of the world's genera and species respectively. In the economically important family Elateridae, 667 valid species are recorded for Australia. + Full description

This is the third of 14 proposed Catalogue volumes dealing with the Australian beetle fauna. It covers the families:

  • Rhinorhipidae
  • Brachyspectridae
  • Eucnemidae
  • Throscidae
  • Elateridae
  • Lycidae
  • Lampyridae
  • Cantharidae

It includes some of the well known beetles commonly referred to as click beetles, fireflies or soldier beetles.

- Short description


"Overall, the catalogue is excellent. It contains a wealth of information and provides a stepping-stone to far more."
Howard Mendel, Systematic Entomology Vol 24, 1999

"The high production standard developed in previous volumes continues. The book must be welcomed as an essential text for those interested in this important group of beetles."
Peter G. Allsopp, Australian Journal of Entomology Vol 38, 1999


Hardback | January 1998 | $ 94.95
ISBN: 9780643063532 | 264 pages
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing