Mites of Australia

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This Checklist brings together for the first time the names of all 2620 described species of mites that are known to occur in Australia. It gives the correct nomenclature for each species, and places every species in the appropriate genus and family, using the latest available classification. The Checklist also provides a bibliography of information on biogeography, economic importance and, in the case of pests, biology and control. + Full description

This work is a baseline from which more detailed and specific research projects will draw their fundamental data.

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No longer available in a print edition.


"Mites of Australia, a checklist and bibliography is a masterful summary of our current state of knowledge of the Australian mite fauna. . .This attractive, superbly produced volume is laid out in a traditional catalogue style. . .Cataloguing is probably one of life's thankless tasks, but I only have two words for Bruce – Thank You."
Mark Harvey, Western Australian Museum (Australasian Arachnology No. 57


ePDF | January 1998
ISBN: 9780643105195
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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Order Acariformes, Suborder Astigmata
Order Acariformes, Suborder Oribatida
Order Acariformes, Suborder Prostigmata
Order Parasitiformes, Suborder Holothyrida
Order Parasitiformes, Suborder Ixodida
Order Parasitiformes, Suborder Mesostigmata
Incompletely identified species