The Australian Yabby Farmer

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Provides the basic principles of aquaculture and yabby farming.

This edition includes a chapter on water quality plus the latest findings in yabby farming. It provides a grounding in the basic principles of aquaculture and reflects the considerable advances in aquaculture technology over the last few years. + Full description

Here is the basic information on the yabby, its habitat, its health and nutrition requirements. The book covers pond management, production systems, equipment, harvesting, post-harvest handling, and marketing of the end product. It includes sections on the farming of those other freshwater crayfish, the redclaw and the marron, and contains a number of useful appendices.

Author John Mosig shares his experience of nearly 20 years, giving budding yabby farmers an insight into how they can run a yabby venture while developing their own aquaculture skills and gaining experience in fish husbandry. Practising crayfish farmers might find out how they too can do some things better.

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No longer available in a print edition.


ePDF | January 1998
ISBN: 9780643100749
Publisher: Landlinks Press
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1. Yabby myths and realities
2. What makes the yabby an aquaculture prospect?
3. The principles of aquaculture
4. Water quality
5. Yabby nutrition
6. Farm dam harvesting
7. Natural wetlands
8. Pond design
9. Predator control
10. Farming in purpose-built ponds
11. Enclosed reticulation systems
12. Juvenile production
13. Plankton and detritus production
14. Disease and health in freshwater crayfish
15. Harvesting methods
16. Post-harvest handling and purging
17. Equipment ­ what you'll need
18. Marketing
19. Marron
20. Redclaw
21. Crayfish farming in the USA
22. A glimpse of the future