Nutrition of Eucalypts

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Provides a comprehensive survey of nutritional ecology of eucalypts in their natural environment and in plantations.

Most eucalypts grow naturally on soils low in fertility. Commercial plantations of eucalypts have been established around the world over a range of climates and soils. These two themes are central to this book. + Full description

Nutrition of Eucalypts provides a comprehensive survey of nutritional ecology of eucalypts in their natural environment and in plantations.

The authors, who are all at the forefront of research and development in their fields, are from the various eucalypt growing regions including Brazil, India, China, Spain and Australia. Their text aims at a state-of-the-art presentation.

The book includes a key and descriptions for recognising nutrient deficiencies in eucalypts.

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No longer available in a print edition.


". . . a well written, very informative, good reference for researchers and foresters. Graduate through professionals."

". . . everyone interested in Eucalyptus and nutrition needs to get a copy of this book."
Dan Binkley, Forest Ecology and Management


ePDF | January 1996
ISBN: 9780643105225
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Phosphorus in Australian Forest Soils, M. J. McLaughlin
  • The Influence of Soils on the Evolution of the Eucalypts, R. L. Specht
  • Distribution of Eucalypts in Australian Landscapes: Landforms, Soils, Fire and Nutrition, M. A. Adams
  • Nutritional Physiology of Eucalypts: Uptake, Distribution and Utilization, T. S. Grove, B. D. Thomson and N. Malajczuk
  • The Nutritional Physiology of the Eucalypts' Nutrition and Growth, P. E. Kriedemann and R. N. Cromer
  • Nutrient Concentrations in Eucalyptus: a Synthesis in Relation to Differences Between Taxa, Sites and Components, T. S. Judd, P. M. Attiwill and M. A. Adams
  • Biomass Production, Nutrient Uptake and Nutrient Cycling in the Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata) and Karri (Eucalyptus diversicolor) Forests of South-western Australia, A. M. O'Connell and T. S. Grove
  • Nutrient Cycling in Forests of South-eastern Australia, Peter M. Attiwill, Philip J. Polglase, Christopher J. Weston and M. A. Adams
  • Nutrient Cycling and Forest Management, John Turner and Marcia J. Lambert
  • Simulated Nutrient Losses Due to Timber Harvesting in Highly Productive Eucalypt Forests and Plantations, T. S. Judd
  • Silviculture of Eucalypt Plantations in Australia, R. N. Cromer
  • Eucalypt Nutrition: New Zealand Experience, P. J. Knight and I. D. Nicholas
  • Fertilizers and Eucalypt Plantations in South Africa, M. A. Herbert
  • Fertilizers and Eucalypt Plantations in Argentina, F. Dalla-Tea and M. A. Marc
  • Eucalypt Nutrition and Fertilizer Regimes in Brazil Nairam Félix de Barros and Roberto Ferreira de Novais
  • Silviculture of Eucalypt Plantations in Chile, José Antonio Prado D. and Jorge A. Toro V.
  • Eucalypt Plantations in Portugal, J. S. Pereira, M. Tomé, M. Madeira, A. C. Oliveira, J. Tomé and M. H. Almeida
  • Fertilizer and Eucalypt Plantations in China, Wang Huoran and Zhou Wenlong
  • Mineral Nutrition and Resource Conservation in Eucalyptus Plantations and other Forest Covers in India, J. D. S. Negi and S. C. Sharma
  • Diagnosis of Nutrient Deficiencies in Eucalypts, B. Dell