Flora of Australia Volume 18

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Hardback - January 1990 - AU $69.95

Haloragaceae and Thymelaeaceae make up the major part of this volume. Haloragaceae (the Raspworts and Milfoils) are an ubiquitous group of over 100 species found almost throughout the continent in a range of habitats, including freshwater. Thymelaeaceae also comprises over 100 species, mainly in the genus Pimelea. Other important families included are Lythraceae (Loosestrifes), Onagraceae (Evening Primroses, Willowherbs, etc.) and the tropical and subtropical families Melastomataceae and Combretaceae.


Hardback | January 1990 | $ 69.95
ISBN: 9780644104722 | 349 pages
Publisher: Australian Government Publishing Service (AGPS)