Flora of Australia Volume 49

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Hardback - January 1994 - AU $79.95

This is the first of two volumes covering the vascular floras of Australia's offshore island territories. It covers Norfolk Island and Lord Howe Island, both in the Tasman Sea. An introduction to the geography, physical features, climate, history of human habitation and vegetation is provided for each island, as well as a checklist of the species recorded on each. The volume includes 136 families, 455 genera and 706 species and subspecific taxa.


"The book is well illustrated with colour photographs and line drawings, and will be of particular interest to plant geographers, botanists, ecologists and to visitors of the islands, interested in understanding more about their fascinating flora."
J Dawson, Victoria University of Wellington


Hardback | January 1994 | $ 79.95
ISBN: 9780644293853 | 681 pages
Publisher: Australian Government Publishing Service (AGPS)