Grasses: Systematics and Evolution

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A selection of the very best papers from the Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Grass Systematics and Evolution held in Sydney, Australia in 1998.

Grasses: Systematics and Evolution is a selection of the very best papers from the Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Grass Systematics and Evolution held in Sydney, Australia in 1998. The papers represent some of the leading work from around the world on grasses and include reviews and current research into the comparative biology and classification. + Full description

All 41 papers have been peer-reviewed and edited.

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“These proceedings provide a timely synthesis of the progress achieved in grass evolutionary biology over the past 13 years, a period that has seen the greatest leaps in understanding the relationships among living things, including grasses. … Overall, care was taken to include contributions, including several fine reviews, from many of the major contributors to the field on tropics that integrate evolutionary pattern (phylogeny) with morphology, geography, ecology and reproductive biology.”
M.S. Mayer (CHOICE January 2001)


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A Phylogeny of the Grass Family (Poaceae), as Inferred from Eight Character Sets
The Grass Phylogeny Working Group (GPWG)

A Systematic View of the Development of Vascular Systems in Culms and Inflorescences of Grasses
Thompson Demetrio Pizzolato

The Grass Inflorescence
C. Vegetti and Ana M. Anton

Phylogeny and Classification of the Bambusoideae (Poaceae)
Weiping Zhang and Lynn G. Clark

Woody Bamboos (Gramineae-Bambusoideae) ofMadagascar
Soejatmi Dransfield

Preliminary Studies on Taxonomy and Biosystematics of the AA Genome Oryza Species (Poaceae)
Bao-Rong Lu, Ma. Elizabeth B. Naredo, Amita B. Juliano, and Michael T. Jackson Pooids

Phylogenetic Structure in Poaceae Subfamily Pooideae as Inferred from Molecular and Morphological Characters: Misclassification versus Reticulation
Robert J. Soreng and Jerrold I. Davis

Relationships within the Stipoid Grasses (Gramineae)
S.W.L. Jacobs, Joy Everett, Mary E. Barkworth and Cathy Hsiao

Preliminary Views on the Tribe Meliceae (Gramineae: Pooideae)
Teresa Mejia-Saulés and Frank A. Bisby

The Species of Bromus (Poaceae: Bromeae) in South America
Ana M. Planchuelo and Paul M. Peterson

Phylogenetic Analysis of the Triticeae Using the Starch Synthase Gene, and a Preliminary Analysis of some North American Elymus species
Roberta J. Mason-Gamer and Elizabeth A. Kellogg

Changing Perceptions of the Triticeae
Mary E. Barkworth

A Cladistic Analysis of the Paniceae: a Preliminary Approach
Fernando O. Zuloaga, Osvaldo Morrone and Liliana M. Giussani

Phylogeny of the Subfamily Panicoideae with Emphasis on the Tribe Paniceae: Evidence from the trnL-F cpDNA Region
Rosalba Gómez-Martínez and Alastair Culham

Austral South American Species of Eriochloa
Mirta O. Arriaga

Molecular and Morphological Evolution in the Andropogoneae
Elizabeth A. Kellogg

The Relation of Space and Geography to Cladogenic Events in Agenium and Homozeugos (Poaceae: Andropogoneae) in South America and Africa
Gerald F. Guala

Andropogoneae Systematics and Generic Limits in Sorghum
Russell E. Spangler

Phylogenetic Relationships in Subfamily Chloridoideae (Poaceae) Based on matK Sequences: A Preliminary Assessment
K. W. Hilu and L. A. Alice

On the Classification of the Chloridoideae: Results from Morphological and Leaf Anatomical Data Analyses
An Van den Borre and Leslie Watson

Phylogenetic Relationships of the Genus Sporobolus (Poaceae: Eragrostideae) Based on Nuclear Ribosomal DNA ITS Sequences
Juan-Javier Ortiz-Diaz and Alastair Culham

Phylogenetics of Bouteloua and Relatives (Gramineae: Chloridoideae): Cladistic Parsimony Analysis of Internal Transcribed Spacer (nrDNA) and trnL-F (cpDNA) Sequences
J. Travis Columbus, Michael S. Kinney, Maria Elena Siqueiros Delgado, and J. Mark Porter

Systematics of the Muhlenbergiinae (Chloridoideae: Eragrostideae)
Paul M. Peterson

A Phylogeny of Triodieae (Poaceae: Chloridoideae) based on the ITS Region of nrDNA: Testing Conflict between Anatomical and Inflorescence Characters
J.G. Mant, R.J. Bayer, M.D. Crisp and J.W.H. Trueman

The Danthonieae: Generic Composition and Relationships
Nigel P. Barker, Cynthia M. Morton and H. Peter Linder

Biogeography of the Danthonieae
H.P. Linder and N.P. Barker

Physiology / Ecology
Contributions of Prolamin Size Diversity and Structure to the Systematics of the Poaceae
K.W. Hilu

Ecological Significance of South-West African Grass Leaf Phytoliths: A Climatic Response of Vegetation Biomes to Modern Aridification Trends
Christian Mulder and Roger P. Ellis

Effects of Elevated Atmospheric [CO2] in Panicum Species of Different Photosynthetic Modes (Poaceae: Panicoideae)
Claudia Tipping and David R. Murray

Ecophysiological Investigations of the Distribution of Poaceae and Restionaceae in the Cape Floristic Region, South Africa
T. L. Bell, W. D. Stock and H. P. Linder

Breeding Systems
Adaptive Plasticity in Reproduction and Reproductive Systems of Grasses
James A. Quinn

Dioecism in Grasses in Argentina
H.E. Connor, Ana M. Anton and Marta E. Astegiano

Apomixis and Amphimixis Comparative Biogeography: a Study in Poa (Poaceae)
Robert J. Soreng

Comparative Reproductive Biology of the Vulnerable and Common Grasses in Bothriochloa and Dichanthium
Ping Yu, N. Prakash and R. D. B. Whalley

Apomixis in Monocotyledons
R. Czapik

Chorology of Grasses – a Review
T.A. Cope

Grasses in North America: A Geographic Perspective
Mary E. Barkworth and Kathleen M. Capels

Tropical Grasslands and Savannas
Robert B. Shaw

Temperate Grasslands of the Southern Hemisphere
R.H. Groves

Future of Temperate Natural Grasslands in the Northern Hemisphere
Arthur W. Bailey

Endemic Grass Genera of Maharashtra State, Peninsular India
C.B. Salunkhe