Monocots: Systematics and Evolution

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Presents leading work from around the world on non-grass monocotyledons and includes reviews and current research into their comparative biology, phylogeny and classification.

Monocots: Systematics and Evolution presents leading work from around the world on non-grass monocotyledons and includes reviews and current research into their comparative biology, phylogeny and classification. + Full description

The papers are based on presentations at the Second International Conference on the Comparative Biology of the Monocotyledons, Monocots II, held in Sydney, Australia in late 1998. Many were subsequently updated or extended to take into account new information. All 72 papers have been peer-reviewed.

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"These volumes will be of keen interest to the plant systematist, and should be on the shelf of every first-rate botanical library."
L.W. Roberts, Emeritus, University of Idaho. (CHOICE v.38 no.3 Nov 2000)

"An indispensable work."
Taxon, Feb 2001

“This is a valuable addition to our knowledge of monocot biology, and provides an excellent overview of the current state of understanding. It will undoubtedly be one of the most useful and broadly cited references on monocot systematics and evolution for many years to come.”
George M. Diggs Jr., Dept of Biology, Austin College, Texas (SIDA v.19 no.3 2001)


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Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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Higher-level systematics of the monocotyledons: an assessment of current knowledge and a new classification
Mark W. Chase, Douglas E. Soltis, Pamela S. Soltis, Paula J. Rudall, Michael F. Fay, William H. Hahn, Stuart Sullivan, Jeffrey Joseph, Mia Molvray, Paul J. Kores, Thomas J. Givnish, Kenneth J. Sytsma and J. Chris Pires

A phylogenetic analysis of the monocotyledons based on morphological and molecular character sets, with comments on the placement of Acorus and Hydatellaceae
Dennis W. Stevenson, Jerrold I. Davis, John V. Freudenstein, Christopher R. Hardy, Mark P. Simmons and Chelsea D. Specht

Seeking the dicot sister group of the monocots
M. R. Duvall

Biogeography & Fossils
Biogeographic studies in the monocotyledons: an overview of methods and literature
John G. Conran

Monocotyledons: a review of their Early Cretaceous record
María A. Gandolfo, Kevin C. Nixon and William L. Crepet

The Australian Cretaceous and Tertiary monocot fossil record
David R. Greenwood and John G. Conran

Development & Organisation Modularity in helobial flowers
Usher Posluszny, W. Alan Charlton and Donald H. Les

Hofmeister’s Rule and primordium shape: influences on organ position in Hedychium coronarium (Zingiberaceae)
Bruce K. Kirchoff

A model of inflorescence development
Elizabeth A. Kellogg

Stem vasculature in climbing monocotyledons: a comparative approach
P. Barry Tomlinson and Jack B. Fisher

Chemotaxonomy & Cytology
The potential for chemical characters in monocotyledon systematics
Geoffrey C. Kite, Renée J. Grayer, Paula J. Rudall and Monique S.J. Simmonds

Compositions of monocotyledon cell walls: implications for biosystematics
Philip J. Harris

Chromosome number variation and evolution in monocots
Marcelo Guerra

Variation in nuclear DNA amount (C-value) in monocots and its significance
M. D. Bennett and Ilia J. Leitch

Genomic organisation and systematics in the 21st century (Nancy T. Burbidge Memorial Lecture)
M. D. Bennett

Micromorphology, Anatomy & Embryology
Distribution of calcium oxalate crystals in monocotyledons
Christina J. Prychid and Paula J. Rudall

Forms and sizes of sieve-element plastids and evolution of the monocotyledons
H.-Dietmar Behnke

The systematic significance of simultaneous cytokinesis during microsporogenesis in monocotyledons
Carol A. Furness and Paula J. Rudall

Pollen of the monocotyledons: selecting characters for cladistic analysis
Madeline M. Harley and Michael S. Zavada

Embryological development in Blandfordia and Neoastelia with comments on their systematic position
N. Prakash and M. Ramsey

Development of non-zygotic embryos from callus in three Australian monocots
Krystyna Anna Johnson

Ancestral and derived character states in seedlings of monocotyledons
H.-J. Tillich

Floral nectaries in monocotyledons: distribution and evolution
E. F. Smets, L.-P. Ronse Decraene, P. Caris and P. J. Rudall

Reproductive Biology
Pollen dispersal and the floral diversity of monocotyledons
Lawrence D. Harder

Mating strategies in monocotyledons
Spencer C.H. Barrett, Angela M. Baker and Linley K. Jesson

Incompatibility and mate recognition in monocotyledons
Tammy L. Sage, Vincenza Pontieri and Rosemarie Christopher

Mating systems and population genetics of marine angiosperms (seagrasses)
Michelle Waycott

Natural hybridization, Louisiana irises and evolutionary process
Michael L. Arnold and Renate A. Wesselingh

Types of pollen dispersal units in monocots
E. Pacini and G.G. Franchi

The diversity of pollination mechanisms in the Iridaceae of southern Africa
Peter Bernhardt and Peter Goldblatt

Floral biology of Commelinaceae
Robert B. Faden

Effects of pollinator behaviour on pollination of nectarless orchids: floral mimicry and interspecific hybridisation
M.R.M. Neiland and C.C. Wilcock

Near-ultraviolet reflectance in Dendrobium (Orchidaceae)
James O. Indsto and Peter H. Weston

Diversification in pollination mechanisms in the Marantaceae
Helen Kennedy

Systematics of the Lilioids
Asparagales & Liliales

Consider the lilies: systematics of Liliales
Paula J. Rudall, Kate L. Stobart, Wan-Pyo Hong, J.G. Conran, C.A. Furness, G.C. Kite and Mark W. Chase

Phylogenetic studies of Asparagales based on four plastid DNA regions
M. F. Fay, P. J. Rudall, S. Sullivan, K. L. Stobart, A. Y. de Bruijn, G. Reeves, F. Qamaruz-Zaman, W.-P. Hong, J. Joseph, W. J. Hahn, J. G. Conran and M. W. Chase

Phylogeny of Amaryllidaceae: molecules and morphology
Alan W. Meerow, Michael F. Fay, Mark W. Chase, Charles L. Guy, Qin-Bao Li, Deirdre Snijman and Si-Lin Yang

Molecular phylogeny of the Convallariaceae (Asparagales)
Jun Yamashita and Minoru N. Tamura

Embryology and affinities of the Boryaceae (Asparagales)
John G. Conran and Amanda Temby

Relationships of Dietes (Iridaceae) inferred from ITS2 sequences
Rino Donato, Carolyn Leach and John G. Conran

The evolutionary relationships of the genera Drimia, Thuranthos, Bowiea and Schizobasis discussed in the light of morphology and chloroplast DNA sequence data
Brita Stedje

Asparagales – Orchidaceae
Mitochondrial DNA and relationships in the Orchidaceae
John V. Freudenstein, Diana M. Senyo and Mark W. Chase

Ins and outs of orchid phylogeny
Finn N. Rasmussen

The value of early floral ontogeny in the systematics of Orchidaceae
H. Kurzweil

Polyphyly of mycoheterotrophic orchids and functional influences on floral and molecular characters
Mia Molvray, Paul J. Kores and Mark W. Chase

Phylogenetic relationships within the Diurideae (Orchidaceae): inferences from plastid matK DNA sequences
Paul J. Kores, Peter H. Weston, Mia Molvray and Mark W. Chase

Nuclear 18S rDNA sequences of Orchidaceae confirm the subfamilial status and circumscription of Vanilloideae
Kenneth M. Cameron and Mark W. Chase

DNA phylogeny and morphological diversification of Australian Dendrobium (Orchidaceae)
Tomohisa Yukawa, Koichi Kita and Takashi Handa

Dioscoreales & Pandanales
Yams and their allies: systematics of Dioscoreales
L.R. Caddick, P.J. Rudall, P. Wilkin and M.W. Chase

Evaluation of pollen and vegetative characters in the systematics of South American species of Dioscorea (Dioscoreaceae)
Cecilia Carmen Xifreda

Palaeotropical compound-leaved yams (Dioscorea; Dioscoreaceae): monophyly and relationships
Paul Wilkin and Liz Caddick

Partial cladistic analysis of Vellozia and characters for the phylogeny of Velloziaceae
Renato de Mello-Silva

Systematics of the Commelinoids

Phylogeny of the palm family (Arecaceae) based on rps16 intron and trnL–trnF plastid DNA sequences
Conny B. Asmussen, William J. Baker and John Dransfield

DNA amounts and qualitative properties of nuclear genomes in palms (Arecaceae)
Martin Röser

Towards a biogeographic explanation of the Calamoid palms
William J. Baker and John Dransfield

Homoplasy in the Commelinaceae: a comparison of different classes of morphological characters
Timothy M. Evans, Robert B. Faden and Kenneth J. Sytsma

Poales – Bromeliaceae & Eriocaulaceae
Molecular systematic investigations in Pitcairnioideae (Bromeliaceae) as a basis for understanding the evolution of crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM)
Darren M. Crayn, Randall G. Terry, J. Andrew C. Smith and Klaus Winter

Multidisciplinary studies on Neotropical Eriocaulaceae
Ana M. Giulietti, Vera L. Scatena, Paulo T. Sano, Lara R. Parra, Luciano P. de Queiroz, Raymond M. Harley, Nanuza L. Menezes, Ana M. B. Ysepon, Antonio Salatino, Maria L. Salatino, Wagner Vilegas, Lourdes C. Santos, Carla V. Ricci, Márcia C.P. Bonfim and Elaine B. Miranda

Poales – Cyperaceae Suprageneric phylogeny of Cyperaceae: a combined analysis
A. M. Muasya, Jeremy J. Bruhl, D. A. Simpson, A. Culham and M. W. Chase

Phylogenetic analysis of Carex (Cyperaceae): generic and subgeneric relationships based on chloroplast DNA
Alan C. Yen and Richard G. Olmstead

Phylogenetic relationships within the heterogeneous Scirpus s. lat. (Cyperaceae) inferred from rbcL and trnL-F sequence data
A. M. Muasya, D. A. Simpson, M. W. Chase and A. Culham

Achene structure and function of structure in Cyperaceae
Kare Arnstein Lye

Multiple evolutionary origins of C4 photosynthesis in the Cyperaceae
Connie L. Soros and Jeremy J. Bruhl

Eleocharis (Cyperaceae) in the New World
M. Socorro González-Elizondo and Jorge A. Tena-Flores

Taxonomic utility and ecological significance of comparative reproductive biology in sedges (Cyperaceae: Schoeneae)
Margaret A. Wheeler and Jeremy J. Bruhl

Poales – Restionaceae
Restionaceae: a morphological phylogeny
H. P. Linder, B. G. Briggs and L. A. S. Johnson

A molecular phylogeny of Restionaceae and allies
Barbara G. Briggs, Adam D. Marchant, Simon Gilmore and Carolyn L. Porter

Flavonoid patterns and the phylogeny of the Restionaceae
J. B. Harborne, C. A. Williams, B. G. Briggs and L. A. S. Johnson

Reproductive patterns in relation to generic classification, habitat and growth form in Australian Restionaceae
Kathy A. Meney

Fire response and conservation biology of Western Australian species of Restionaceae
John S. Pate

A study of the infrageneric classification of Alpinia (Zingiberaceae) based on the ITS region of nuclear rDNA and the trnL-F spacer of chloroplast DNA
A. Rangsiruji, M.F. Newman and Q.C.B. Cronk

A preliminary phylogeny of the Hedychieae tribe (Zingiberaceae) based on ITS sequences of the nuclear rRNA cistron
Rosalind J. Searle and Terry A. J. Hedderson