Clearing a Continent

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Pleuropneumonia has had a long history in Australia. Clearing a Continent: The Eradication of Bovine Pleuropneumonia from Australia is an authoritative monograph on the history, spread, and final eradication of the disease. + Full description

Based on an enormous amount of research and archive material, the text details the background of the first outbreak, the spread through the affected states, the battle for control, as well as the persistence of the disease in northern areas long after it had been brought under control in the south. There is also vital information on vaccination.

This work is an important resource not only for those with a need for historical information on disease in Australia, but also as a reference for countries throughout the world to provide a better understanding of the behaviour of the disease.

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. . . an important resource not only as an historic record of one country’s battle with the disease but also supplies vital information on vaccination thus providing a reference for other countries throughout the world to gain a better understanding of the behaviour of the disease.
New Agriculturalist on-line, 2000


Hardback | September 2000 | $ 64.95
ISBN: 9780643065628 | 310 pages
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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ISBN: 9780643100794
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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Chapter 1. An overview of pleuropneumonia in Australia
Chapter 2. Pleuropneumonia – the disease
Chapter 3. Historical background to the disease, disease theories and inoculation
Chapter 4. The first outbreak in Australia (1858-1860)
Chapter 5. Pleuro on the rampage (1860-1900)
Chapter 6. The Australian scene
Chapter 7. Learning to live with the disease (1860-1900)
Chapter 8. Beginning the fight for control (1901-1930)
Chapter 9. Research – the key to further progress
Chapter 10. Research and war accelerate control (1930-1950)
Chapter 11. A decade of decisions (1950-1960)
Chapter 12. Eradication (1960s)
Chapter 13. The last remnants
Appendix - A chronological overview (1858-1973)