Wildflowers of the Brisbane Ranges

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Contains magnificent photographs of more than 400 species of wildflowers.

The Brisbane Ranges area, situated 80 km west of Melbourne and 30 km north-west of Geelong, is extraordinarily rich in diversity. With basalt grasslands, heathy woodland, alluvial soils, buckshot gravel and granite rocks, it boasts more than 430 species of native plants. + Full description

Wildflowers of the Brisbane Ranges contains magnificent photographs of more than 400 species, many of them orchids, including rare and vulnerable species such as the Naked Sun Orchid (Thelymitra circumsepta) and the Hyacinth Orchid (Dipodium pardalinum).

A list of references, colour guide, glossary, comprehensive index and a soil type map have been included, to assist the reader in locating and identifying the different species.

This full colour guide is the culmination of more than a decade of painstaking observation. It will help both the casual visitor and the keen naturalist to locate and identify an extensive range of wildflowers from this exceptional part of Victoria.

- Short description


No longer available in a print edition.


“This attractive guide should enhance visits to the Brisbane Ranges. Its contents s are set out in a neat and orderly manner, the artistic layout is pleasing, it is sturdy enough to take into the field, and its affordable price will ensure it has a place in the library of many amateur field naturalist. Wildflowers of the Brisbane Ranges is an excellent reference to the flora of this specific locality.”
Helene Wild (Australian Native Orchid Society, Victorian Group Bulletin Feb 2001)

“This is a great little book with 432 (!!) species succinctly described … and illustrated with superb and clear photography which makes identification very easy.”
Cherree Densley (Growing Australian March 2001)

“On the whole, this is an excellent publication and I look forward to visiting Brisbane Ranges National Park, book in hand, to locate and identify many of these plants for myself.”
Anne Morton (The Victorian Naturalist v.118(2) 2001)

“This is the kink of guide I like. It has good clear photos, simply but well set out, and it’s cheap and the right size to fit into any day pack. … Next time you are embarking on a picnic to the Brisbane Ranges, be sure to include this handy little field guide and make the most of the spectacular wildflower display that’s on the doorstep of Melbourne, Geelong and Ballarat.”
Peter Jobson, National Herbarium of NSW (Nature Australia Winter 2001)


ePDF | November 2000
ISBN: 9780643101494
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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